TV Shows


Where do I begin?! I friggin love a good TV Show.


My love of TV started when I was 10 (Friday night Dynasty with my mum). Then, when I was 13 I discovered the BBC drama Chancer – I’d say go and watch it but I’m not sure it has stood the test of time. (Clive Owen was a major crush)


To me, the right TV show is pure escapism – longer and way better than a film. I feel I can most definitely say that I am a TV expert and I’m always on hand to give a good recommendation.

Amazon Prime Shows with 80% or more on Rotten Tomatoes

Don’t miss these hidden gems on Amazon Prime TV – all with a score of 80% or more on Rotten Tomatoes.   If like me, you have subscribed to Amazon Prime then you want to make sure you aren’t missing the best shows they have on offer. 👩‍💻   I have watched all of the shows…

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Peaky Blinders Season 4; Who’s ready?

Peaky Blinders Season 4; Who’s ready?   Have you even watched Peaky Blinders Season One, Two or Three yet? If not, you are missing a real treat.   What’s Peaky Blinders about?   It’s a mix of period drama, gangster drama and romance drama – so much drama!   It’s set in 1920’s Birmingham, after…

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Thursdays I’m Insecure as F**K!

Thursdays I’m Insecure as F**K!   If you havent watched Insecure yet – I HIGHLY recommend it.   I love it!. It’s funny as…   Here’s the Insecure season one trailer for you… to me this is laugh-out-loud funny and it gets me every time I watch it.     What’s it about?…   Insecure…

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New Netflix trailers I wont watch!

New Netflix trailers I won’t watch!   There are plenty of upcoming Netflix trailers to watch – the reason I won’t watch them all the through is that they look tooo good – so why spoil it by watching the whole trailer?! Just wait and watch the whole thing!   Mudbound Drama     Mudbound…

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Halt & Catch Fire Mondays

Mondays for me means Halt & Catch Fire   Every Monday night I tune into watch a new episode of Halt & Catch Fire. If you haven’t seen or heard of it then I highly recommend you watch it. It’s an awesome piece of 80’s nostalgia.   A new episode comes out each Monday on…

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