Welcome to Livvy.


I spend my days as a company director at Jaypeg® so I am almost always online. The thing is – it’s always for someone else!


I get to see and read so many weird, wonderful and interesting things that I have decided to share them here – with you.


I am a HUGE fan of obtaining and sharing information (can’t stress this enough) – sometimes to the point of boring my friends and family to tears.


So, the point of this blog, which I have ingeniously named Livvy, is to share my new findings with you guys – hopefully a more willing audience.


I will share books, quotes, people, fashion picks, beauty picks and tv and film recommendations – all my favourite things!


It’s a win-win for me!


I think the best place for me to start is with my favourite quote (or saying, not sure which it is …)


“Done is better than perfect”


I repeat this saying to myself many, many times a day. It’s one of my favourite sayings as it sums up a lot of situations for me.


When I first heard it, something inside of me said… you know what? I can work with this!


I’ve been umming and aahhhing about creating this blog for a long, long time now (since Oct 2016!) and this quote was just what I need to get started.


Move your arse and get something done! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do it already.


Stop spending time obsessing with perfection – it’s the enemy of progression. By getting stuff done you are learning to follow through with ideas and complete tasks.


That’s not to say that everything you do can be mediocre and crap – you can strive to be the best – just make sure to finish the job!


So, with the Done Manifesto in mind, I strive to build this blog, share my newly gathered knowledge – perfect or not and see where things take me (if anywhere).


No doubt things will shift and the blog will go through some changes but I am so glad its up and I thoroughly love working on it.


Kindest regards, Livvy.


PS – Possible over-share….

I’m now off to watch How to get Away with Murder by Shonda Rhimes (awesome tv writer, producer and director)


If you haven’t watch it yet then get your arse over to Netflix right now..


Also…Shonda Rhimes did a TED TALK on spending one year saying YES to everything. (Not sure I could handle that.)